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I am experiencing one of the most trying times of my life. A battle between my heart and soul, my entire reason for bein ...

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  The uplifting story of spilt milk, spirituality and finding your way in a hectic world. Calling all you spiritual ...

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Sometimes talking it out with someone who has been there done that is what we need to get us moving in the right directi ...

05.01.16, 6 Comments

    Q. How would it feel to get a book deal? Q. Can you imagine watching your screenplay make it to the big screen? Q. ...

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  Co-Writer, Director, Producer   I was honored to  be apart of the creative team behind this ground breaking ...

11.18.14, 6 Comments

Filmmaker • Bookmaker • Changemaker "Be in love with your life, every minute of it" Jack Kerouac ...

10.13.14, 1 Comment

I enjoy talking…anyone who knows me will tell you that! Here are some of my most recent radio interviews! Enjoy! & ...

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Vancouver is such a wonderful city! I had alot of fun talking with Jody on Breakfast Television in Vancouver about my bo ...

Tipping Sacred Cows_Cover_9781582704609
02.14.14, 2 Comments

Ready to tip over some sacred cows in your life? Ready to unearth the hidden feminine and really get liberated? In this ...

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I had such a great time being interviewed by Margaret Larson on New Day Northwest in Seattle! Watch the interview here!