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The Bookmaker Program


  1. Do you have a story to tell and really want to tell it?
  2. Have you spent hours in front of a blank screen, or can’t quite figure out how to get started?
  3. Would you welcome some structured, expert support to enable you to make your book happen?


Great! I’d love to help you to make your dream and let’s have fun getting started. My book maker program is designed to get that book out of your head and onto the page, in an enjoyable and efficient way.


We often have a great story to tell or a message we want to share that we know others might benefit from. But either we start and lose focus, or simply become overwhelmed of how to begin the project.


Your commitment

Basically your level of personal commitment is what creates the success of this program. I want you to decide to work with me over a four-month period, which will include attending sessions, completing writing tasks and other homework and activities specifically designed to access your clarity and creativity. To give you an idea of what’s typically involved:

  • Four -six hours a week of writing
  • Skype or telephone session of one hour a week
  • Additional time for supplementary tasks and exercises, e.g. reading, research etc. one-two hours per week


Before we get started I’d like a basic one page outline of your book idea and when you get in touch I’ll give you the headings for that.


My commitment to you

When you follow my coaching, support and guidance you’ll have a powerful and compelling book proposal and a solid first draft of your book. Over the duration of my involvement you’ll receive a minimum of 18 hours of personal phone/skype consulting. I’ll also spend time reading and reviewing of your work plus provide you with written notes and feedback.


Please note that this is not an editing service and our involvement does not include the final edit of your book. Comprehensive editing services can be provided by arrangement.


Additional Benefits and value:

As we work on your book we’ll also begin to build your marketing and social media platforms, so when your book is done you have people ready to read it! You’ll learn basic tips and tools needed to successfully begin to build your audience.


Your investment

The basic program as outline retails at $5000; additional coaching, marketing and platform building services are available at an additional charge.

To discuss contact me


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