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The uplifting story of spilt milk, spirituality and finding your way in a hectic world.

Calling all you spiritual flailers, wandering, lost along the path to enlightenment. Ok, you’ve meditated, you’ve fasted, you may even have shaved your head, or maybe you haven’t done any of those things but are considering it — don’t until you read this book!  I’m here to to give you a loving tip in the right direction (or whatever direction you want to go, don’t worry it’s the right one).

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Dancing in the Unknown: Real stories of the trials and triumphs of living your life your way.

It’s likely you’ve spent your life dancing in time with everyone else, and still feel, deep within your bones, that there is something more yet to do. Wondering: What if? As the rhythm of our worlds changes, it’s calling us to move with it, to reach deeper into and listen to the beat of our hearts. That is where our passion for life lies and we’ve been invited to dance in the unknown.

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“But if, after a good try, you aren’t able to breastfeed, well, guess what? That is totally awesome, too. I’d like to take this moment to remind you that you created life—yeah, life—you know, the most amazing process in the world. You just did that, so whether you breastfeed your baby or feed them from a Yak’s bladder, seriously it’s not worth the upset. This does not in any way diminish your amazing value as a mother.” – Betsy Chasse from It Came Out Of My Vagina, Now What?!

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