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My Books

My Newest Release!

Shamanism in the New Millennium 

An exploration of shamanism through the stories of sixteen individuals revealing how a person is called by Spirit (often reluctantly) to become a shaman/healer, what that journey looks like from multiple perspectives and traditions, what becoming a shaman/healer entails, and how that journey is transforming in the face of rapid cultural changes, loss of traditions, loss of ecosystems, and the loss of interest in "the old ways."


Tipping Sacred Cows

Atria/Simon & Schuster

Tip over your sacred cows of belief, dump your personal prejudices and biases, and begin to rebuild a spiritual lifestyle that really works. 

Wife, mother, and award-winning producer of the sleeper hit What the Bleep Do We Know!?Betsy Chasse thought she had it all figured out...until she realized she didn’t. She didn’t know anything about happiness, love, spirituality, or herself...nothing, nada, zilch.

In a book that’s anything but quiet, Chasse takes readers on a playful romp through the muddy fields of life and spirituality. Witty, yet unflinching, Chasse exposes her own experience tipping sacred cows and dissects the fragile beliefs we all hold so dear. Because the truth is, we each have a choice to believe the stories we tell ourselves or create new ones.

A candid, no-nonsense confession, Chasse’s story gives readers the freedom to break free from their old patterns and gleefully frolic through fields, cow tipping at will and in the process, create a new reality for themselves.

It Came Out of My Vagina, Now What?!

A Compilation Book Published by Betsy Chasse

If you’re looking for the definitive book on parenting, this isn’t it. It is a hilarious, and honest look at parenting from a group of Moms who’ve been there, done that. Pick it up after a hard mommy day, or give it to a new mom. It will make you laugh, cry and nod your head in agreement, but most importantly it will remind you that being a mom is one of the hardest and most rewarding life experiences you will ever have.

Written by Betsy Chasse and Debbie Spector Weisman. Betsy is a filmmaker most notable for What The Bleep Do We Know?! and an author of Tipping Sacred Cows. Debbie is an author and veteran of the parenting wars, a mom of two, and a grandma who has also put her experience to good use helping others as a dream-life coach.

Now these two ladies come together to bring you this honest (like really honest) Guide to Parenting, as qouted by Mallika Chopra, Author, Owner of

“This book is the antidote to the fear mongering and perfection standards dominating the mommy space. With humor, anecdotes and a healthy dose of top quality tips and tricks, Betsy and Debbie manage to do what no other book will do... teach you to calm down, deal with it, and actually enjoy parenthood for all the crazy chaos it actually is.”

Dancing In The Unknown

A Compilation Book Published by Betsy Chasse

Knowledge is Safe...and possibly going to kill us...

What? I thought knowledge was a good thing?

Ok let's play with this word Knowledge. For the record, this isn't scientific it's simply a late night under the stars pondering the meaning of life and language.

The word "Knowledge" has been dancing around in my head and I notice that there are two words in that one big word.


Let that sink in....KNOW and LEDGE.


The more I "know" the closer to the "ledge" I am...

What ledge? Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Ledges can go either way...ya know.

So how do we "know"?

We know by experience, our past, the moments we've lived have shaped what we "know,"even our ability to "know what we know" has been shaped by education, parenting, current affairs, selfies, cell phones the Bee Gees, our entire world view is made up from our past and we love that.

How often do we stop to remember the past. A memory triggered by a sound, a smell, a word.

Sometimes this is a good thing, as in ....let's not step in that cesspool again, that was nasty, and sometimes it's because there was a feeling of safety, and yes, even if that safety was tainted with trauma and coping mechanisms, we made it safe.

So safe, in fact, that we're prisoners of it. The notion of questioning our own institutions, our own beliefs about what is, is so frightening...That hanging around in the question of

WHAT IF? is so ugly, dark and uncomfortable, that we'd rather to stay in the suffering we "know."

What happens when we jump off the ledge? What happens if you ask WHAT IF?

The stories in this book are from real people who asked that question, stayed with it long enough to have a new experience, build new neuro-pathways, new institutions and beliefs that came from a deeper, more meaningful place, which impacted them so deeply that they cannot return to the "Known" They must Dance in the Unknown... because that is where life happens....

The Coaching Code

A compilation book published by Betsy Chasse

Coaching seems to have become the "new" rage in a world where more and more people are looking for meaning and purpose in their lives. Coaching, however is not a new profession. In The Coaching Code you'll hear from some of the worlds Top Professional Coaches, with a combined experience of almost 200 years, in all areas of Coaching, Life, Relationship, Executive and Business, share how they built their practices for the long term. Inspiring, informative and a serious look at how you can build your own sustainable and successful practice.

"This isn't a book about quick web tricks and sales funnels that might seem like they're working. I was truly impressed with the depth of the expertise and wisdom shared by these amazing Coaching Professionals. If you're a Coach or thinking of becoming one, this is the one book you should read first." - Betsy Chasse Award winning filmmaker (What The Bleep Do We Know?!) and best selling author of Tipping Sacred Cows

What the Bleep Do We Know!?™: Discovering the Endless Possibilities for Altering Your Everyday Reality

Everyone is still talking about the movie What the Bleep Do We Know!? Now comes the paperback edition of the book based on the mind-boggling movie that grossed $11 million in the U.S. alone.

As the movie did, this book compels readers to ask themselves Great Questions that will recreate their lives as they know them. With the help of fourteen leading quantum physicists, scientists and spiritual thinkers, this book guides readers on a course from the scientific to the spiritual, and from the universal to the deeply personal. Along the way, it asks such questions as :

Are we seeing the world as it really is?
What are thoughts made of?
What is the relationship between our thoughts and our world?
Are we biologically addicted to certain emotions?
How can I create my day every day?

What the Bleep answers this question and others through an innovative, new approach to self-help and spirituality that's far different—and more exciting—than anything else on bookshelves. More than twenty short, focused, interactive chapters take readers on a journey that will integrate the answers to these Great Questions into every aspect of their lives.