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    Life Unscripte Live on Voice AMerica Women

    5:00pm PST

    Live Tuesdays 5pm-6pm PST 8pm-9pm EST on

    Life is…. Unscripted. Life Unscripted with Betsy Chasse explores everything from Channels to Taoism, from Ancient Mysticism to Modern Day Mystics, Soccer Moms to Politicians, Authors, filmmakers, poets and interruptive dance (Ok maybe not interpretive dance, tough for radio), how about, everyday people living and exploring life, it’s meaning purpose. Her goal is to explain the mystery without losing the magic, to forge a spiritual path, a life path that inspires, excites and gives you a good laugh along the way. Betsy is insightful and often irreverent in her quest to dispel life’s myths about the how to’s and should do’s and inspire you to live your most purposeful and adventurous life.

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  • Sat

    The Call To Lead

    1pm PST!one-day-la/c173e

     I am excited to be speaking at this one day powerful event! Please join me in inspiring ourselves to lead, love and transform!call to lead

  • Sat

    Boise Coaching Summit


    This event takes place at multiple venues in and around Boise, Idaho for more information Click here!


    For full information click here!

    FOR COACHES AND FUTURE COACHING CLIENTS AND THOSE WHO ARE JUST CURIOUS ABOUT COACHING! As a coach, you are presented with a lot of opportunities to sharpen your skills and help with the transformation of the people you coach. The Coaching Summit is a fantastic tool to leverage what produces these compelling outcomes in your clients. As a past, present, or future coaching client you will get a feel for what to look for in a coach, what kind of breakthroughs can be attained, and discover what coaching is all about in all arenas of life (business, relationships, coupleships and health). THIS EVENT IS A FUNDRAISER TO HELP THE COACHING DOCUMENTARY, "LEAP," TRANSFORM OVER A MILLION LIVES THROUGH THE POWER OF COACHING! 



  • Sun

    LEAP into your Coaching business


    [wp_eStore_add_to_cart id=19]Northridge, CA

    Event address will be delivered upon purchase of ticket

    Fee is $75.00

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    Build a world-class coaching clientele with coaches from the LEAP! Movie

    • How do you build a successful business from coaching others?
    • How can you create a sustainable income by doing what you love?
    • What does it take to coach influencers on a global level?

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    successful business man run and jump on the top of mountain

    Build a world-class coaching clientele with coaches from the LEAP! Movie

    • How do you build a successful business from coaching others?
    • How can you create a sustainable income by doing what you love?
    • What does it take to coach influencers on a global level?


    Five Different Coaches: One core purpose

    This half-day event gives you the opportunity to meet the world class coaches who appear in the LEAP! Movie. They coach clients from all walks of life and industries, including Fortune 500 organisations, multiple state and local agencies. They also lecture on certification programs that generate hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.


    How are these individuals so successful?

    These coaches all reference a common mission to create a world where people achieve their highest and greatest good. Which is why they agreed to appear in THE MOVIE LEAP! They say:


    “Coaching helps people act from principles of integrity, resilience and empowerment; imagine a world in which people did that!”

    “I want to inspire millions of people to make their dreams a day to day reality”

    “People are incredible and most of us don’t realise that – my work is to help people uncover who they really are”


    A onetime opportunity in the Los Angeles Area

    These coaches are flying in from around the world for this. Please join us, because together we are stronger! We want to support great coaches like you to enlarge your positive contribution and impact out there!

    Your investment:

    Tickets are selling out at $75 as new and existing coaches know that the payback on that investment is likely to be huge. More importantly you’ll gain the inspiration to take your coaching business to the next level and serve others through this incredible occupation.

    Book now

    Act now to make a commitment to your future; 


    Your coach presenters for this event:


    Julie Starr is an expert and thought-leader in the field of coaching. Her best-selling book The Coaching Manual has supported the evolution of the coaching field through simple, powerful principles and practical approaches. Her books are translated into many languages and are required reading on coach training programmes around the world. With over 20 of coaching experience, Julie supports CEO’s and executives from the world’s largest organizations. Her approach is challenging, compassionate and empowers clear leadership. Julie’s books, Brilliant Coaching and The Mentoring Manual support managers and leaders to improve business performance by

    developing people.







    Donna Stoneham, Ph.D
    ., is a master executive coach, transformational leadership expert, and author of The Thriver’s Edge:  Seven Keys to Transform the Way You Live, Love, and Lead. For the past 26 years, through her coaching, writing and speaking, she’s guided several thousand Fortune 1000 and not-for-profit leaders, teams, and organizations to unleash their power to thrive™ in work and life.  Donna is the co-creator of Integral Intelligence®, a transformative approach to leadership development that focuses on whole-person learning through the conscious use of multiple aspects of intelligence (cognitive, emotional, relational, somatic, and spiritual).  Donna delivers break-through development programs that inspire leaders to create transformational results in their work and lives.


    Dr. Jane Mary Cox -Multi-National Coach

    Human behavioural specialist, wealth psychology expert and ethno-psychologist. Internationally renowned motivational speaker & trainer

    Jane is a highly experienced UK-based international business trainer, coach, and professional speaker.  A qualified doctor of psychology, with additional business degrees in both marketing and communication, as well as several other post-graduate qualifications, Jane brings a unique blend of cutting-edge theoretical knowledge and real-world pragmatic expertise.


    Jami and Marla Keller

    Top Relationship Coaches Passion Provokers was formed in 2011 by founders Jami and Marla Keller, after they had spent the previous 24 years working in the coaching field. They realized they needed to rebrand what it meant to have and to be a Life Coach. From personal trials to professional success, they established a basic goal to give everyone 100% success: Provide a coaching service that is short-term for a lifetime of results. With their unique way of coaching, Jami and Marla have created simple teachings and formulas that anyone can apply.


    Carol Koziol, MPE PCC

    As a professional coach, Carol Koziol guides people to find the courage to uncover and live into their own “What’s Next.” Nature is an integral part of Carol’s Natural Courageä approach. Reconnecting to ourselves through nature enables you to shed the issues disguising your true path forward. As an Entrepreneur, Mother, Earth Explorer and PhD Candidate, Carol understands the challenges of navigating change and transition. Her background includes careers in Health and Fitness, IT Technical Training, Business Consulting, Workshop Facilitation and Professional Coaching.


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    Congratulations……I plan on attending and look forward to seeing you and getting a copy of the book. How is the film going?? So many things to do and so little time to get it all done….. see you soon.

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