A Gathering of Selves

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Alvin has money problems – and it’s all Batman’s fault. Or maybe it’s millionaire financier Bruce Wayne’s fault. The real identity behind Batman, Wayne has an anger problem. And mild-mannered Alvin has an allergy to his creation’s entire persona.

At least that’s what Thongden says. But hey, this particular hypno-therapist from Tampa isn’t really a real person. He’s a tulpa – a thought-form created in meditation by some English explorer named Nelson in a Tibetan monastery back in the 1940s. And what do thought-forms know about real life? Never mind Thongden is one of Tibet’s leading underground spiritual operatives. Never mind Thongden is Alvin’s spiritual teacher. Tulpa’s are tricky, and Alvin is wary of his strange friend.

But Batman is running amok in his life. A violent, dark thought-form that is taking over his 85 year-old body, beating up criminals and landing him in jail every few days, Batman has to be controlled. Only Thongden can teach him how.

Little does Alvin know, multiple time lines are converging with a mad Chinese wizard’s plot to destroy Tibet that will bring the world to disaster unless Alvin can search through time and find an alter-ego who can control and direct Batman’s violence for the salvation of all mankind.

Magic mirrors, mystical powers, alternate lives, hair-raising mountain treks, a gorgeous French film star with a secret past, an ancient hidden Tibetan monastery, lies and duplicity await Alvin on his journey to the final showdown deep in the caverns of one of the world’s highest mountains. Can Alvin find his other, younger “self” who can save the day? Can he dissolve his own persona to let this alternate “self” take over? Can he survive Batman’s possession if he does not? And if he does not allow himself to transform, how many other people will die?

85 Year-old Superhero

Building upon both leading edge quantum physics and mystic traditions, A Gathering of Selves examines alternate simultaneous identities and the theory of a vertically stacked “time” dimension that does away with the traditional horizontally viewed linear time frame of past events moving forward into the future. It reveals that everything exists in the vast, incomprehensible NOW; and that Déjà vu, “past-life” memories, inexplicable untrained talents and abilities, can all be explained in the context of simultaneous lives all occurring NOW, and occasionally “bleeding through” into one another.

About the author

Alvin Schwartz wrote his first Batman story in 1942, and wrote both Batman and Superman comic strips until ending his association with DC in 1958. Schwartz also contributed comic-book scripts for such superheroes as Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Flash, and The Green Lantern. Author of several novels in the 1940s and 50s, he recently published two spiritual “memoirs,” An Unlikely Prophet in 1997 followed shortly by A Gathering of Selves. He insists that both An Unlikely Prophet and its superb sequel, A Gathering of Selves, are based on true events.

Written by – Alvin Schwartz
Producer – Betsy Chasse
Screenplay – Cate Montana

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