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Your donation to this campaign will  help Kseniya pay for her travel and accommodations in Cannes (France) and all necessary promotional items and event passes.This is one of the most expensive and prestigious films festivals, and unfortunately for the young filmmakers it’s often hard to attend, however her opportunities to make new contacts and further her career is immense!

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Love in Porn is an insider’s look into the romantic lives of those that succeed in the world of porn. The documentary takes an honest and human approach to a medium that revels in false relations, and presents us with the raw feelings towards love and romance from those who turn those very emotions off for work.

We live in an officially monogamous society, which practices root for relationships that are monogamous at least on the surface. While some people may disagree with the whole thing, the concept of “a woman shall belong to her man” is deeply rooted in our culture and psychology at the evolutionary level. Certain traditions, religious aspects of it, and political practices have vanished in time and disappeared in the feminist 20th century, but people still feel jealous of their partners in different situations, although they seem to have a very open, “21st century” type of approach to life. 

How do then couples deal with situations where their significant others have physical contacts with other people? Openly, every day, as part of the job? How does their subconscious deal with it after the rational part decided to accept it and build a family together? And is this issue present in the couples’ lives at all, or do these questions arise only in other people’s heads? The documentary explores these questions.

IMG_1495Kseniya Yorsh came to filmmaking with a degree in diplomacy, 2 years of business experience managing the office of an international company, and a life-long practice in writing. Thoughts and curiosities about the world sent her to filmmaking journeys. 

Her previous documentary films were about the image of success vs the real journey to achieve it, perception of female beauty by men and women, cell phone addiction. With her current film she is pushing her personal and filmmaking boundaries even more to look into an exciting yet closed and hardly understandable world of the sex industry from the perspective of human yearning for relationships and love.

Your donation helps Kseniya grow her career!

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