Killing Buddha Luncheon!

Killing Buddha The Movie Luncheon Event

SAT Nov. 17th   11am – 3pm

Honoring Amazing Woman Filmmaker Betsy Chasse

Meet & Greet Betsy Chasse Director/Writer/Producer

The Co-Creator of  the smash hit “What The Bleep Do We Know?!” and  hear about her new film, “Killing Buddha” currently in pre-production!

Killing Buddha is a reminder that everything we seek can be found within. Really, it’s not the car, the boyfriend, the seminar, or even the guru — it’s you that makes the difference!” Betsy Chasse

Celebrate a Day of Clairvoyant Messages, Metaphysical Insight, & Success Strategies with…

Celebrity Clairvoyant Cindy Goldenberg

Intuitive Success Coach Marsh Engle

Enjoy an afternoon of inspiration, clairvoyant readings, delicious food, shopping and connecting while supporting Betsy Chasse’s New Film “Killing Buddha!”


Tickets are $100.00.

For your contribution of $100.00 you will receive a behind the scenes pass to special videos and blogs of the making of the film and a digital or dvd copy of the film when it’s released!

* Suggested Contribution ~ Any Dollar Amount Accepted – If you would like to rsvp and give your contribution on the day please email: Cindy Goldenberg at

If you can’t attend but would like to join the Killing Buddha Behind The Scenes Team please visit

RSVP: Cindy Goldenberg 818-689-3546                5712 Shirley Ave. Tarzana CA 91356

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“Embrace Nothing. If you meet the Buddha, kill the Buddha. If you meet a Patriarch, kill the Patriarch. Only live your life as it is, not bound to anything” –  Linji 9th century Founder Linji school of Chán Buddhism

Click to view a video introduction about the film from Betsy Chasse!

While distributing “Bleep” I was honored to be able to travel the world to speak about my experience making “Bleep”. The most common question was “how did a girl like me, one who had never uttered the words Quantum Physics- end up making such a film?”

Sometimes it takes the most unlikely of people in the most unusual circumstances to create something that touches the world like “Bleep” did. The story I told had a resonance with so many, that I decided to write a film about it: “Killing Buddha”

Brief Synopsis:

When life is in chaos we are forced to change, a lesson successful film producer Sara Wells reluctantly learns when her seemingly perfect life comes crashing down. Desperate for work, she takes on a documentary project about finding God in the New Age. Will “Killing Buddha” mark her triumphant return to the riches she thinks her life once contained? Or will she and her mismatched crew of seekers, believers and cynics find that ultimately it’s not what you have and what you believe in, but who you ultimately become that counts?

Think “Bridget Jones seeks enlightenment while shooting a documentary about God”… a brilliant way of hiding great teachings in a funny, personable movie with a great female protagonist.


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  1. Karen E. Cliette 11.02.12 at 8:09 pm · Reply

    While attending Massage school in Ca. * I went to a nice old historic theater in Sacramento & saw “What the Bleep” alone* It was good & thought provoking*It added to my training as an energy worker/healer & Reiki practitioner*It is thoughtful of Cindy to invite me to this event, but unfortunately I will be unable to attend*I am still in recovery from my kidney rejection(transplant 2006)*I will make it a point to see Buddha~Peace & Love*

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