Killing Buddha

While distributing “Bleep” I was honored to be able to travel the world to speak about my experience making “Bleep”. The most common question was “how did a girl like me, one who had never uttered the words Quantum Physics- end up making such a film?”

Sometimes it takes the most unlikely of people in the most unusual circumstances to create something that touches the world like “Bleep” did. The story I told had a resonance with so many, that I decided to write a film about it: “Killing Buddha”

Brief Synopsis:
When life is in chaos we are forced to change, a lesson successful film producer Sara Wells reluctantly learns when her seemingly perfect life comes crashing down. Desperate for work, she takes on a documentary project about finding God in the New Age. Will “Killing Buddha” mark her triumphant return to the riches she thinks her life once contained? Or will she and her mismatched crew of seekers, believers and cynics find that ultimately it’s not what you have and what you believe in, but who you ultimately become that counts?

Think “Bridget Jones seeks enlightenment while shooting a documentary about God”… a brilliant way of hiding great teachings in a funny, personable movie with a great female protagonist.

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