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Q. How would it feel to get a book deal?

Q. Can you imagine watching your screenplay make it to the big screen?

Q. Do you feel like you are sitting on the next big thing?

Q. Are you ready to start that new business but aren’t sure what to do first?

GREAT! You’re ready for the Launchpad Mastermind!

Join me for a six week Launchpad Mastermind Tele-Summit and let’s get that dream out of your head and into reality. We will meet one evening a week usually from 7pm-8:30pm PST via online meeting/phone software. Recordings are made available, although you are encourage to not miss any live classes.

Dates and times to be confirmed –  Message me to find out when the next group is starting (Most likely Late Fall 2016)


I also do private courses $200 per week for 6 weeks. Message me for more info.

In this program you will learn effective tools to properly plan and execute your dream, including:

  1. Build a business and marketing plan that secures investors.
  2. Learn effective research methods. (Most of us get lost in this stage!)
  3. Create a structured plan and budget that ensures your successful launch.
  4. Complete a killer book or film proposal.
  5. Learn solid social media and marketing tactics that build your network and turn them into customers, readers and viewers.

Whether your dream is a creative project, a new business, or you have an existing business you want to grow, this six week course will set you up for a successful launch!


The Launchpad Mastermind is for people who:

– Are serious about LAUNCHING their dream.

– Already have a script or outline for your book/script

– Are building a new business or have a business ready to grow

I also need you to arrive prepared with a basic outline of your business goals. Relax, it doesn’t have to be perfect. You will have one 1/2 hour private session with me prior to starting Mastermind to review your materials.

Key Elements

  • Maximum 10 participants
  • Your commitment: You will have 2-3 hours of homework to complete weekly which must be submitted 48 hours prior to each call.
  • Each participant will receive an additional one hour private consult with me during the program.
  • Participants will be partnered for additional support and accountability.
  • The group will review each other’s assignments to provide constructive feedback.

Fee: $399.00


Are you interested in private consulting? Check out how to Pick My Brain!

Here’s what previous clients are saying:

“Loved the Launch Pad — thank you so much, Betsy, for the inspiration and enthusiasm! Spending a few hours with you was energizing and clarifying. i’m eager to get started preparing my project I now see the value in designing my project from the start to become truly trans-media rather than “just” beginning with a book and e-course (which launched on DailyOm)! I recommend your Launch Pad — and your support” Barbara Schiffman, Author and Speaker

“In 2015 we hired Betsy Chasse and her team to consult with us to grow our social media reach and drive customers to our website and increase sales. In the 3-month period our Facebook platform grew from 2,800 to approximately 30,000 subscribers and in in 1 year we are now at over 82 thousand subscribers using the skills provided by Betsy and her team. Our website visits and sales increased approximately 30%. The cost was less than most social media experts and consultants.  The results exceeded our expectations.” Richard Cohn – Beyond Words Publishing

“Thank you for sharing your knowledge so generously. You gave me more answers in 30 minutes than we have gotten in 8 months. You are a super guide and visionary. Love to you.”  Jeff Brown Author and Film Maker (Soul Shaping and Karmageddon)

“Thank you for your generosity in sharing your knowledge with us. We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to discuss our project with you, and now feel like we are headed in a solid direction based on your guidance. Your insight was just what we needed! We look forward to connecting with you soon to share our progress! So exciting! THANK YOU!!” – Lauren Ann – Documentary Film Maker




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6 Comments on "Launch Pad Mastermind Program"

  1. Barbara Schiffman 01.17.13 at 9:47 am · Reply

    Loved the Launch Pad — thank you so much, Betsy, for the inspiration and enthusiasm! Spending a few hours with you was energizing and clarifying. i’m eager to get started preparing my project I now see the value in designing my project from the start to become truly trans-media rather than “just” beginning with a book and e-course (which will be launched on DailyOm starting in May)! I recommend your Launch Pad — and your support — to other authors and media creators.

  2. Windels 02.09.13 at 8:01 am · Reply

    Wish I could be there…Live in Belgium. Will it be recorded?????
    All the Best with your talk….

  3. Windels 02.09.13 at 8:02 am · Reply

    I have a great book out end febr 2013 in US Breath The Ultimate Secret to Life Windels Marie Rose

  4. Tamara Sillingle 02.27.13 at 5:37 am · Reply

    I’d love some suport and input prior to launching my website program to help people come into alignment with their dream life and career.

  5. Tamara Sillingle 02.27.13 at 5:50 am · Reply

    By the way, I love “What The Bleep….?” . It’s the movie I most frequently recommend, even now some time latter.

  6. Adrian Finkelstein, MD 09.02.13 at 9:46 pm · Reply

    I’m an MD, former university professor at UCLA, Rush Medical School, Chicago medical School, recepient of a life achievement award as a pioneer in past-life regression therapy, on August 12, 2013 by ARRR in Gurgaon/Delhi, India, author of eight books, the latest two about the probable reincarnations of Marilyn Monroe and Jean Harlow (see:, and!) These last two books are movie material and have respectively adaptations into a screenplay and a spec script with 40 plots. I’m also a filmmaker in partnership with Mario Domina, President of Thunderball Films. If interested in a film coproduction, e-mail to me at: or call me at: 310-918-7413.
    Best, Adrian Finkelstein, MD

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