Out On The Ledge

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I remember when I was eight. On Sundays I would spend the day with my father moving from one church to another while he either played in the band or orchestra or was the musical director.  We ran the gamut; we went to Baptist, Catholic, Methodist, Episcopalian, Southern Baptist, a few new thought churches and even a few times to a Synagogue! Talk about a crash course in religion!

But on this particular day when after sitting through 6 hours of sermons I wondered allowed to him – “Dad, why are there all these different churches? I mean they all kinda say the same thing, yet they all act as if they are the only ones who get it.” He sat quietly for a few moments contemplating his answer, then looked at me and said, “Everyone wants to know the answer, it makes us feel better, and everyone wants to be right, because that also makes us feel better, but in those needs are separation, even as we try to feel connected. Maybe one day you’ll figure out a way to bring people back together”

My father passed 13 years ago; sadly he never got to see “What The Bleep”. I know he would have been proud of me.

My mother always says, “You are your fathers daughter” My father was a dreamer, a planner. He always had some crazy idea that was going to do something to change the world, make him rich or most often bring him some new experience and joy. He always seemed happy – even in the midst of the chaos and stress in providing for a large family. My family life was full of change – we went from poor to rich to poor – moved around, but it always felt like we were on some adventure and I loved listening to my dad tell me his next big idea. I never worried about where we were going to live or what we had. My dad just wanted to follow his bliss and bless my mother for being so allowing of that. It wasn’t easy for her, I’m sure.

My father always told me to find what I loved and do it. If I did that everything I needed would be there for me. I watched him live out that life lesson month after month as my parents supported us. As a grown up I now understand what that actually meant. I often marvel at how they managed to feed and clothe us all day in and day out while my father lived his dream.

It’s scary to follow your dream. Especially when you have people who count on you for survival. Life would probably be a lot easier for me if I just got a normal job. But thanks to my dad I just can’t do that.

For the last year I have struggled with the idea of following my bliss or living in survival. Even so I have been able to work with great people helping them live out their dreams. But on my birthday this year I made a decision. This summer I was going to do it. I am going to go for my dream. Which means stepping out on a ledge, letting go of the safety net of a “job” and jumping head first into making my dream.

So ok Universe, Source, God… or whatever you might call it — I’ve just leapt out into the abyss, holding the faith that the wings will grow. 

My dad also gave me another piece of wisdom. “Ask for help when you need it”. So here it goes!

My dream is to make a film that brings people together. That reminds us that everything we seek is within us, that when we can love ourselves it’s easy to love each other and by loving we can find the connection we are looking for. We can let go of being right, of knowing and find peace.

I need your help! I have started a crowd funding campaign through a wonderful organization that supports projects made by women to fund my film KILLING BUDDHA.

 Here’s the sizzle reel about KILLING BUDDHA:

To find out more you can go here.

While distributing What The Bleep Do We Know?! I was honored to be able to travel the world to speak about my experience making “Bleep.” The most common question people asked me at the end of my talks was, “ How did a broke, out of work, spiritually unconscious, material Valley Girl who was into sex, tequila and expensive shoes end up being a writer, director and producer of What the Bleep Do We Know!?”

Sometimes it takes the most unlikely of people in the most unusual circumstances to create something that touches the world like “Bleep” did. The story I told was so funny and resonated with so many people I decided to write a film about it, a comedy called Killing Buddha.



When life is in chaos we are forced to change, a lesson successful film producer Sara Wells reluctantly learns when her seemingly perfect life comes crashing down. Desperate for work, she takes on a documentary project about spirituality and the new thought movement. Will “Killing Buddha” mark her triumphant return to the riches she thinks her life once contained? Or will she and her mismatched crew of seekers, believers and cynics find that ultimately it’s not what you have and what you believe in, but who you ultimately become that counts?

Think “Bridget Jones gets hired to shoot a documentary about finding the meaning of life.”

I would be very grateful if you would take a moment to check out my project and if it inspires you – join me in making this film possible!

Here’s to following your own bliss – and if you need it- feel free to ask me for help!

You can visit my page here.

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One Comment on "Out On The Ledge"

  1. John Spera 07.02.12 at 1:53 pm · Reply

    I wish you well with this project and the projects that follow.

    Everything we seek is truly within us but few of us are able to love All That We Are. Your dream is the same as our creator’s vision for us. This great shift in awareness will take place very slowly.

    The greater expectations will eventually manifest, just have fun with everything as we get started with that process.

    Your dad was a wise man who loved his family. You are truly his daughter.


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