Metanoia: a little book of essays

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Ten years ago, Hollywood filmmaker Betsy Chasse co-created a movie on science and mysticism (subjects she knew nothing about), and was forevermore plucked from the oblivion of Valley Girl “shoe consciousness.” The movie, “What the Bleep Do We Know!?,” changed her life and the life of millions as it went on to make spiritual cinema history.

Her latest creation, a “little book of essays” called Metanoia: a transformational change of heart, reveals a much wiser and infinitely more humble woman than the post “Bleep” successful thirty-something who hit the New Age conference circuits and radio shows back in 2005.

“After the movie was released, people were coming to me for advice about how to make their lives as perfect as mine,” Chasse recalls. “I had it all. I knew everything. All you had to do was ask me!”

Enter life, stage left.

Metanoia: a transformational change of heart is, above all, a book about getting real. The nineteen short essays poetically and ruthlessly reveal a woman in the aftermath of public and domestic success; a woman in the process of being humbled by life; a woman who yearns for vulnerability and authenticity even as she rails against the need for facing the limiting self-concepts she holds inside that keep her from embracing—and loving—her true self.

An “every woman” journey that every woman who has lived and loved and lost it all … and then yearned for something greater and deeper to blossom within her can relate to.

Delicate, surprising, potent and raw, each essay is accompanied by relevant quotes from sources as diverse as Victor Hugo, Rumi and Lucille Ball.

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