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My Journey To %22Know Where%22 CoverIf you had asked me when I was 7, 15, 25 even, if I would end up a writer I would have laughed out loud. I never thought of myself as creative and I certainly wasn’t willing to expose my deepest, darkest fears and thoughts to anyone, I barely examined them myself. Life has a way of leading one on a journey and my journey has led me here. In 2011 I found myself writing out my pain in a journal, something I had never done and it was cathartic and thus my writing career began.

My Journey To “Know Where” is a compilation of articles and blogs I’ve written for multiple magazines and websites, such as, Huffington Post, and Modern Mom on divorce, love, relationships, spirituality or lack there of and mysticism.

It is my gift to you for being a part of my life. Thank you for your support of my work and my journey.

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