My Journey to “Know Where”

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My Journey To %22Know Where%22 CoverIf you had asked me when I was 7, 15, 25 even, if I would end up a writer I would have laughed out loud. I never thought of myself as creative and I certainly wasn’t willing to expose my deepest, darkest fears and thoughts to anyone, I barely examined them myself. Life has a way of leading one on a journey and my journey has led me here. In 2011 I found myself writing out my pain in a journal, something I had never done and it was cathartic and thus my writing career began.

My Journey To “Know Where” is a compilation of articles and blogs I’ve written for multiple magazines and websites, such as, Huffington Post, and Modern Mom on divorce, love, relationships, spirituality or lack there of and mysticism.

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  1. giselle gil 06.15.16 at 12:47 am · Reply

    Ever since I saw What the bleep do we know I have been following you on fcbk.

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