Do you have an idea?

A Business • A Book • A Film

Are you ready to get out of your head

and into the world?

Are you launching a product?

Do you need a Social Media Tune up?   A Editorial Calendar or a Marketing plan for 2019?

I am always asked “How do you do that?!” 

And by that I mean, bring my ideas and dreams to life!

Let me show you!

Let’s spend 3 hours together and I’ll show you how to get moving forward.

Structure • Budgeting • First Steps • Organization • Get Clarity for Your Idea

Build a marketing plan that works! 

Stop wasting time and Money and Social Media and create content that people engage with and convert to customers! 

I’m offering a year end – get that idea out of your head special of $199.99 for 3 hours!

That’s $200 off!

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For some people it’s “Where do I start?” For others it’s “I’ve hit a road Block”, and sometimes it’s “I start and then I don’t finish” whatever it is, we’ll figure it out together.

I’ve supported hundreds of people using a simple, straight forward system of implementing my ideas. It works…just look at how many successful projects I’ve completed and what my clients have had to say!

“I learned more about filmmaking and film distribution from Betsy in 2 hours than I learned in 8 months” – Jeff Brown, Author and Filmmaker Karmaggedon

“If you have creative aspirations of any kind, or just need a firm yet loving ass kick toward action on the project you’ve been talking about but not taking action on, hire her. She brought to light to what I previously couldn’t see within 10 minutes of my sharing my project idea, and altered the trajectory of what I thought was possible — and then through her Launchpad Program taught me how to look at the project in multifaceted ways, in service to getting it done, out into the world and helping those who most need it.”  Wendy Yost, Author, Coach, Mentor

“Betsy brings clarity, wisdom and know-how to everyone she works with. Regardless of the field you’re in, her insights lead to greater creativity, more positive exposure and an expanded platform, saved money, time and energy. She has a knack for seeing the big picture and finding the steps to get you where you want to go. I leave every conversation with her with clear path in front of me, aware of the possible pot holes and how to navigate them, as well as where the most direct path to meeting my goals lies. She’s amazing!” Cate Montana, Author

“Working with Betsy is fun, she’s honest, authentic and insightful. I appreciate her wisdom in so many aspects of starting and running a business, marketing and strategy. She’s saved me money and time, which are two things most business owners don’t have.” Lori Ann Davis, Relationship Coach

Click below to book your appointment! I’ll email you and we’ll set up a time to get you going!