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I am excited to be producing a new feature documentary about Surrogacy. To find out more about the film and how you can support it and our movement

About The Documentary

It’s time to share the positive side of Surrogacy

Our film and Initiative will humanize the Surrogacy process and the people who participate in it.


Why do parents choose surrogacy over adoption and why do women become surrogates?


Why is it that this increasingly popular form of childbirth receives almost no attention from health scientists, research and policymakers, other than to typically focus on the negative aspects of it.


What is surrogacy and what is the process?


Why are so many people against Surrogacy?


The market is ripe for a documentary which explores the rise of surrogacy with integrity and honesty, without the sensationalism, but with the true heart and the emotional impact this journey has on the people who embark upon it. Facing the controversy head on, the politics, dealing with the facts and the humanness in a compelling film that desires to open the hearts and minds of the detractors and offer hope to the millions of Men and Women who simply desire to raise a child.


“We embarked on this journey because we were true believers that some babies come from the stomach and others from the heart. To us surrogacy provided the possibility of having our own flesh and blood child. And not in our wildest dreams could we have imagined that a child could bring so much love into our hearts. Our biggest fear is that we brought this beautiful soul into a world that may not accept him or worst yet judges him for being different. It’s therefore our duty to show the world the endless possibilities and beauty that surrogacy could bring to deserving parents. Its ok to be different and maybe one day surrogacy can be the new normal.” Christy Amireh, Executive Producer & Mother of Grayson, Born through Surrogacy in 2015

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