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My Journey To %22Know Where%22 CoverI am often invited to post guest blogs and articles on some pretty fund sites and invited to answers questions by some pretty awesome people..They are either seriously desperate for content, or hey maybe I’ve got something to say and I’m funny and they are desperate for content.. regardless here’s some of the most random (and fun) Check out my Blogs page if you want to read more and sign up to my newsletter to get my FREE EBOOK of my favorite blogs and articles. questions I’ve answered and things I’ve written over the last few months! Enjoy!


If you want to know me read this

If you’re really ready to know me….read this.

On Being Creative

I am honored to have been cited as #68 in the encyclopedia of American Loons…. Really old picture by the way- they should update that…

Someone took the time to make a slideshare of stuff I said!

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