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I love writing – but my heart belongs to film. So I’ve decided to combine the two. I’ve started a series called “Life Unscripted” where in addition to my blogs I’ll be including a video piece. I hope you’ll enjoy them!

Recently I got to hang out with my favorite theoretical physicist Dr. Amit Goswami. Ph.D. I had the pleasure of interviewing him for “BLEEP”. I love this guy because he makes Quantum Physics so accessible to us non-scientific folks.  Why should you, mom, chef, postal worker, or whatever you are, want to really understand quantum physics and how it impacts your life? Don’t you want to know how you work? Quantum physics is in every aspect of our reality, known or unknown. So it’s probably a good idea to know what you’re playing in. I mean we all walk around with a huge quantum computer bobbing about in our heads!

Quantum Physics tell us that everything is energy. So, if everything is energy, why not go where there is lots of it! So this August, together with Dr. Goswami, I went to the Beloved Festival in Oregon.

Beloved is a music festival where about 2000 people come together to commune, dance, eat and just be together. It was an amazing experience; I could literally feel the energy.

I wanted to know if that energy I felt was actually measurable or if I was slipped a mickey in my kale juice. Are we emitting a measurable energy and if so what impact does it have?

Well quantum physics says we are.  Some say you can photograph your energy (Vital Energy) or your aura with Kirlian photography and it’s possible to measure the effects your energy is having by using a random number generator. There have been multiple studies done- just Google it. You’ll find an interesting array of believers and skeptics.

I’m a believer. Not because of the mountain of scientific data surrounding the effects of meditation, focus, emotions on RNG’s, but because I’ve experienced it first hand.

Just being surrounded by 2000 people all sending out pure love, kindness, compassion, all good vibes made it almost impossible for me to feel anything else.  I think I hugged everyone in sight (even Amit), and there was nothing but kale in my kale juice.

You’ve heard about miraculous healings after a group meditation, or what happened on 9/11. Random Number Generators around the world actually detected a disturbance, before, during and after the event!

Random Number Generators have been around since — like forever — one of the first probably being I Ching. So why all the skepticism? Probably because science needed to catch up with what many of the mystics have know for years. Your emotions, your energy impacts reality.  How? Because, as quantum says, everything, including us, IS energy, so of course everything you do is emitting something, affecting the quantum foam, so to speak.

This is why Amit talks so much about do be do be do. Creating a good balance between emitting focused energy by doing and listening to what energy is coming your way, by being. What better way to affect your reality than consciously, right?

By understanding how everything works on a micro level, we can make things work on a macro level a little better.  For me, understanding the nature of reality and how I am a part of it, shows me a few things- the most important being that nothing is constant and everything is malleable, which means I can change it. I’m not necessarily talking about moving furniture with my mind or transporting myself to Maui (I haven’t quite mastered that- but boy wouldn’t it be nice!).  It really is true how we perceive our reality usually is how it is. So if by understanding that reality if effected by your energy and your putting out some not so yummy energy- well then I think you get the point.

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