Song of The New Earth

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Producer – 2014


Song of the New Earth features the transformative life journey of renowned sound healer, psychotherapist and modern day mystic Tom Kenyon from a young aspiring Nashville musician to an internationally reSONE-Poster-6.75x10.25-2-smallvered sound alchemist.  From giant caves in the south of France, to the golden-chandeliered symphony halls of Vienna to the snowy mountain peaks of Tibet, we join Kenyon’s quest to integrate modern science’s advances in sound research with the ancient mystic traditions of Tibetan Buddhism, Yoga, mystical Christianity, Shamanism, Egyptian alchemy and more. A visual and aural feast, Song of a New Earth provides viewers with a distinctive and intimate portrait of one man’s mission to not only heal ourselves but ultimately our precious planet earth.  A transcendent, original and healing experience this unique film transports viewers through Kenyon’s rare, divine gift.


From an award winning production team including Ward Serrill (The Heart of the Game, Miramax), editor Eric Frith (Eden) and New York Times animator Drew Christie along with Producer Betsy Chasse, (Co-Producer, Writer and Director of What the Bleep Do We Know!?).



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