Spirit in Film – Betsy Chasse February 2015 LA Yoga Magazine

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Spirit in Film – Betsy Chasse February 2015 LA Yoga Magazine

Consciousness takes top billing on the Cinema Marquee

When we think about the previous year in review from the perspective of films focused on the spiritual themes, it feels as though 2014 was the year Conscious Cinema expanded beyond its usual niche. By the way, Conscious Cinema is not my term, it’s a phrase coined to capture the amazing films and documentaries that hit the big screen exploring spirituality, metaphysics, and our search for meaning. Some examples of this genre include films like AWAKE: The Life of Yogananda, (Paola di Florio, Lisa Leeman, and Peter Rader), Finding Joe, (Pat Solomon), Walking the Camino, (Lydia Smith), Song of the New Earth, (Betsy Chasse, Ward Serrill, Sophie Jane Mortimer), and Monk with a Camera, (Guido Santi, Tina Mascara).

Films like these were previously relegated to fringe festivals, special screenings, obscure spiritually-oriented websites, and evenings in yoga studios, have found their way into the more mainstream world of theaters! I mean, actual theaters, with sticky seats and popcorn (and yes, even some theaters are now selling organic, non-GMO popcorn!).

It was nearly 11 years ago now that my film, What The Bleep Do We Know?!, was able to break out and enjoy a theatrical run, but even that film, with its huge success, never really hit the mainstream. But it did well enough to demonstrate that there were a lot of people (and I do mean a lot) that were interested in watching something that explored metaphysics more than Batman and anything Will Farrell.

So what’s going on? LA YOGA Editor Felicia Tomasko and I sat down with Lisa Leeman (Awake) and Pat Solomon (Finding Joe) to discuss the trend. (Read The Full Article at LA Yoga Magazine)





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