People vs. the State of Illusion

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Good documentaries are based on the attempt, in one fashion or another, to document reality. Great documentaries take you further. This movie questions what is reality and reveals how our perceptions can actually create reality. If you liked The SecretThe Shadow Effect, or What The Bleep Do We Know!? then you’re sure to love this docudrama by Austin Vickers. This must-see psychological movie includes some of the nation’s leading thinkers in the fields of neuroscience, biochemistry, psychology, quantum physics, sociology, and consciousness theory, including Dr. Thomas MooreDr. Candace PertDebbie FordDr. Joe DispenzaDr. Robert JahnDr. Peter SengeBrenda Dunne, and Dr. Michael Vandermark. People v The State Of Illusion is directed by Scott Cervine and written and produced by Austin Vickers. It is set in the notorious “Old Main Prison” of the New Mexico State Penitentiary, and tells the story of Aaron Roberts. It is an inspiring and compelling movie that will enlighten your mind and elevate your spirit.

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