Take care of yourself….

I’ve hit a wall….So I’m hitting the road. I’m packing up the kids and heading out to nature for a few days. The irony is that spending 4 hours in an over packed car with my teenager and pre-teen, sleeping on the ground and walking to pee in the dark sound more fun that staying home and continuing to be bombarded with the horror we all have found ourselves in.

Yes, I said horror. But a necessary step in our evolution I suspect. I’ve always wondered why we humans have to make everything so hard. I believe this is the plane of experience and we have some hidden belief that suffering is a part of our process. I suppose it is. Whenever my kids say “I want to live in Disneyland” I tell them, eventually you’d tire of it, you’d find something wrong, something you hate and something that drives you mad. That’s humanity.  Until we choose to shift our perspective. That’s often our journey. Up then Down, Up then Down…

I do a gratitude practice. I do a morning meditation. I do affirmations and mind set exercises and sometimes it just isn’t enough. Sometimes I just need to check out. That’s self care.

Over the past month I have found myself more anxious, emotional, and very angry, to the point where I feel consumed by it. I can’t be of service when those feelings overwhelm my heart, it’s time to do something about it. It’s time to reinvigorate my hopeful self, my optimistic self. I’m going to plant my feet in the water and wash away the fear and doubt.

I hope you find some time to do this for yourself. We have a long road ahead of us. This process of rebirth isn’t going to be easy and we need all the energy we can muster.

I still have hope. I just need to dig it out from underneath all the muck….


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