The Empty Womb

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The Empty Womb is a short documentary I created with an amazing team of women. It’s raw, honest and an authentic exploration into the deep painful emotions such as grief, jealousy, rage and loss experienced by Robbi as she shares her journey through Infertility.


Fine artist Robbi Firestone’s installation, The Empty Womb, explores the darker shadows of femininity: infertility. The Empty Womb combines medical pharmaceutical paraphernalia from Firestone’s personal in vitro journey through mediums including more traditional women’s work (crochet, sewing, fabric work, lullaby). Created and presented as an experiential immersion, the piece provokes a range of emotions and experience of catharsis for many viewers.

The work examines the cult of woman as creator while simultaneously examining frailties, jealousy, and rage erupting from unfulfilled hopes for biological lineage.

As a self-described emotional exorcism, The Empty Womb reveals difficult, core truths about infertility, bravery, devastation… and recovery. The Empty Womb acts as a united force for rediscovering the reverence for what is inherent, inherited, and bone-deep amongst a majority of women.

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The Short documentary is set to be completed late Summer 2016. The film is created entirely by women, including Cinematographer Mary Lou Sandler, Editors Tina Imahara and Ktee Katherine Thomas, Original score by Christy Carew and Produced by Wendy Keown.


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