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There are many paths to one goal.

A good leader gets everyone there, even if they take a different path.

The biggest mistake we make as leaders and managers is holding onto the perspective that everyone should do it, say it or behave exactly like us.

Let’s Make 2019 the year you and your team fly higher than ever!

  • Are you on budget?
  • Are you on schedule?
  • How is productivity?
  • How is team moral?
  • Do you spend more of your time dealing with internal squabbles and discourse than creating?
  • Do you and your team members trust each other?

Imagine if you could answer; “Yes! Amazing! We have a great team and we’re working together creating success!” 

Join me Via Online Saturday December 8th 11am-12:30pm for a 1.5-hour workshop where you will learn the tools you require to understand your team members moods, needs, wants and challenges, techniques to motivate everyone in your circle, create an environment for success which will increase your productivity, keep you on schedule and on budget and make the entire experience more fun for everyone involved. This 1.5-hour course is offered at a limited time for $79.99.

I have spent 30 years of my life producing and directing films, TV series, documentaries, managing literally hundreds of people simultaneously, while also managing upwards of 40 million dollars in production funds. I wasn’t always perfect and over the last 30 years I’ve learned alot about how to lead a team with compassion, grace, intention and inspiration.

Managing a film set is essentially like managing a mini-country, from production, to accounting, to infrastructure, to food production, dealing with people and their personalities every step of the way. Any team assembled has a hierarchy, it’s up to the team leader to set the tone, the ethics, and the environment while managing the expectations of everyone working with them.

Bottom line: Your ability to lead the many different people on your team will determine your success.

One of the greatest tools I have been given in my years working in film, as well as exploring personal growth and development, brain science, behavioral science and psychology, is understanding how people work, what makes them tick. Having the awareness that each of us listens, reacts, and responds differently to different situations, knowing how to manage all different types the egos will empower you to lead more effectively.

More often our expectation is for the other person to change, but what if you could shift in just one small way in which you interact with a person and have a huge impact on how they perform?

When your team is operating from a positive, healthy psyche you have more space available for the everyday trials that arise from creating your big project whether it be a film or media project, a new product launch or whatever team you’re managing.

This isn’t just about people skills, charisma and time management.

This is about embodying the psychological archetypes of the Mother, the Father, the Shepard, and the Leader in ways that enable you to effectively touch the deepest human core of every member of your team in an inspiring way. When we are inspired we deliver.

In this workshop you will learn

  • How to identify and manage different personality types.
  • How to build a diverse team, utilizing people’s individual skills to the highest potential while also mitigating any weaknesses a team member has.
  • Empowered communication and listening skills.
  • How to  pro-actively manage ups and downs, conflict, budget and schedule busters before they happen.
  • Learn to identify your own weaknesses and build a team around you that supports you as much as you support them.

Join meJoin me Via Online Saturday December 8th 11am-12:30pm for a 1.5-hourThis 2-hour course is offered at a limited time for $79.99.

While my experience is in producing film and television, the lessons learned cross over into any industry. People are People, after all… We can all get along, thrive together and succeed together. It just takes 1 outstanding leader to know how to bring everyone together, utilizing their strengths, supporting their weaknesses (understanding we all have both) into a cohesive team.

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