The Possum and Me

Here’s a funny story. Tonight I was sitting on my back porch, writing when out of the corner of my eye I see a creature. I first think it is my cat and I go about my work and then I notice its tail…that is no cat tail, especially not my cat. So I take a closer look and sure enough, it’s Henry, my possum. Henry and I go way back, but I have never seen him this close and personal. He notices me eyeing him and he scampers off.

A few minutes later I sense something to my right, like directly to my right…

It’s Henry! Like really up close and personal! Henry, being shy and a possum, is not fond of confrontation so of course he skedaddles pronto…and I am sad, since this might be our last night together. Henry usually hangs on the back fence and we talk…ok I talk, he’s a very good listener. So I continue with my writing.

About 5 minutes later I see this…

And I literally jumped about 5 feet in the air…..’s a Llama slipper, but ya know….it had me for a moment.

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