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27937ce7e4e8602940a4922d7e983f06I had the honor of interviewing Betsy ChasseBetsy Chasse is an internationally known author, filmmaker and speakerShe is the Co-Creator of the film“WhatThe Bleep Do We Know?!”  and the author of 2 books (Metanoia – ATransformative Change of Heartand the companion book to BLEEP) and has just completed her third,  Tipping Sacred Cows, due January 2014 from Atria/Simon & Schuster. In addition to blogging and books, Chasse continues to make provocative films, with the recently completed documentary CREATIVITY and two currently in production— The follow up film to “BLEEP” and Zentropy a narrative comedy about what happens when the least spiritual person on the planet gets hired to make a movie about spirituality.

I know when I first saw “What the Bleep Do We Know?!” my reality was changed forever.  It opened me up to viewing things completely different.  Betsy Chasse has taken the time to share some great insights with us and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Thyselfknown:  How did your spiritual journey begin? 

Betsy Chasse:  This question has always been a bone of contention with me. It insinuates that somehow life is only spiritual when we decide to look at it that way, or we decide to take on some sort of belief about what being spiritual means and every experience leading up to our “spiritual awakening” wasn’t spiritual. My spiritual journey began in this life the moment I was born, I don’t follow one particular “spiritual practice”, I live. 

Thyselfknown:  What motivates you? 

Betsy Chasse:  Curiosity, wonder and gratitude. It’s pretty amazing to have the opportunity to play in this sandbox. What a playground of exploration into understanding we have built. What motivates me is that I have this wonderful opportunity not to be wasted.

Thyselfknown:  What are some things you wish someone would have shared with you early in your spiritual journey? 

Betsy Chasse:  To answer this question makes me have to have a regret, which I don’t. I have floundered and failed, been an asshole and been hurt deep to my core, I have ignored great wisdom and listened with open ears, all of it has lead me to this moment. As a mother I often try and teach my kids things I’ve figured out later in life, hoping to help them avoid some of my follies, but the truth is they also ignore, roll their eyes and whine “OMG mom!”… when we are ready we hear and that’s the perfect moment… 

Thyselfknown:  What are three things you have told yourself to help you get through your darkest hour? 

Betsy Chasse:  When the going gets tough I remind myself to breath and slow down. I tend to move at the speed of light, so slowing down is my greatest defense against falling down the rabbit hole. When I breathe I find my voice that reminds me that I have come this far, that nothing is insurmountable, it may not turn out the way I envisioned, it may not look like my best laid plans, but if I remember my souls desire, my core truth, I can almost always see the reason I am where I am and that brings me peace and faith in knowing that all will be as it should be and I will be ok.

Thyselfknown:  What is one life memory you recall frequently? How has that memory affected you spiritually? 

Betsy Chasse:  There have been so many moments in my life that have caused me to reflect on myself, the world and how I perceive it. It’s a daily occurrence. Often these moments come during a crisis. I have been working for the last three years on having these moments even while not in crisis. Living my life observing myself, my beliefs, and how I interact in the world and how those interactions affect me. Growing, evolving and learning are constant in my life.

Thyselfknown:  What inspired the creation of “What the Bleep Do We Know”?! 

Betsy Chasse:  The original dream to make a film about science and spirituality was borne from William Arntz. He invited Mark Vicente and I to join his dream and together we embarked on a journey of discovery, we asked a lot of questions, wondered aloud and out came WTB. 

Thyselfknown:  What is one message you would like to share with other entrepreneurs? 

Betsy Chasse:  For me, my life works when I am following my passion. My souls desire. When I let go of holding onto the need for success and just follow my love for what I’m doing, it works out… often not how I expected, but usually the way it should be and that has taught me to be open to what’s possible, laugh at my failures and to remember that I can always try again.

Thyselfknown:  Can you tell us more about Intention Media and your next project? 

Betsy Chasse:  Currently I am in production on the next BLEEP: What The Bleep?! Now What which will be released sometime next year. I just completed my next bookTIPPING SACRED COWS which will be released January 2014 from Atria/Simon & Schuster.

Thyselfknown:  With the great success that you experienced with “What the Bleep Do We Know”, in the next 3 to 5 years how do you see humans evolving due to the work that you are doing? 

Betsy Chase:  I am an eternal optimist and as I see my own understanding about myself and the nature of reality expand, I see humanity doing the same. We have always suffered growing pains, but we always figure it out.

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