Tipping Sacred Cows- Review – Balanced Moments

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In her open, witty, and hilarious monologue, she inspires you to question some of your own sacred cows. She inspires you to look them in the face, challenge them, and try to “tip them over.” With the aid of humor, laughter, and tears, this book will take you back to the basics of your beliefs, forcing you to dig down and find clarity about what it is that you are truly seeking and the future you want to create.

balanced momentsAs you read Betsy’s story and journey with her as she picks herself up and carries on through every crisis in her life, you will ask yourself: is it really possible to turn my life upside down like she did and find peace? And she will tell you: yes, it is.

I can summarize in 3 words how I felt while joining Betsy on her personal journey:

Liberated. Free. Hopeful.


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