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January 19, 2012 from 9am to 10am

Uncommon conversations on “Life Unscripted” with Betsy Chasse.

Vanda Mikoloski grew up in West Boylston, Massachusetts, a privileged, suburban princess. She remembers lying in a field with her big brother, Pavel, marveling about life. It seemed like no one knew, and worse, everyone pretended they knew. She doubted everything authoritative people said. She got suspicious when people held things sacred.

She cozied up to an idea of a completely  amoral God who just loved the big “soup” of stuff happening so we could experience extremes.
Her dad and brother died when she was a teen prompting years of self-pity, rebellion and “partying”.  She ran away from prep school.
She became a comic in clubs and on TV (Showtime, Lifetime). In New York City and hung out with ‘literally the funniest and smartest people in the world.’
Struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, she left show biz at 33 to follow her spiritual path & “check in rather than check out”. She fell in love with yoga and became a yoga teacher for the Dixie Chicks on their “Fly” tour.
Recently, Vanda loaded her home into her Honda & drove to Los Angeles, to be around people who create culture big-time. She works with brilliant comedians who are interested in the big questions about reality. She is single, living 6 blocks from Venice Beach. Her major plan in life is to take risks even though they are scary and keep her heart open and soft, like a good chocolate truffle. She wants a boyfriend to who can make her laugh.
She recently went back and got her high school diploma from Hyde School in Bath, Maine


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