Wake Up!

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                                      Premieres May 9th on POPTV!

Wake Up! is the new mainstream talk show hosted Natalie Ledwell, Cindy Ertman, Zhena Muzyka, and ME!!! While the show looks like the familiar format of a traditional multi-host broadcast television show, it comes from a conscious perspective, with conversations that matter, and topics that transform viewers from mere onlookers to active participants through a groundbreaking #SocialTV platform called a Backstage Pass, hosted by veteran interviewer Eram Saeed.

With iconic conscious guests like don Miguel Ruiz, Lisa Nichols and Jack Canfield, alongside Hollywood celebs like Ryan Kelley and Kyle Cease, the show mixes mainstream hot topics with life improving self help segments to give the audience a deeper connection with the show, the guests, and each other.

I promise to be my sassy, honest, totally UN-PC self and call it like I see it! Please join us you can find out where and how at www.wakeuptv.com

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