Yay! The World Doesn’t End! – Life Unscripted video with Michael Meade

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Guess what?! After months, years even, of predictions, found tablets and scrolls and mucho pontifications all leading up to the ominous 2012 – I heard from a very reliable source- that in fact the world doesn’t end.  Whew! That was close. I have often wondered about this fascination with the end of days. All the focus on the end of the world. I sometimes find myself thinking – it’s as if some people want it to end, just so they can be right about it.  But then who’d be around for them to be “right” to? I mean if we “create our own reality” then why are we creating one in which the world ends?

I recently had the pleasure of meeting up with renowned storyteller and author Michael Meade.  He inspired me with a beautiful story of renewal, of possibilities and reminded me that if I am willing to be resilient and patient during these tough times, something wonderful will emerge. After our lovely chat I had the added bonus of checking out some of the chapters for his new book, “Why The World Doesn’t End.”

You can watch the interview here: http://tinyurl.com/michaelmeade

I was there for a while, caught up in the frenzy of “the days to come”, the doom and gloom, watching the news every night, scanning the internet for the next “date” the sky would suddenly fall, or California would plummet into the ocean, but after having kids I decided I didn’t want to play in that reality anymore, so I moved.  When I did, the world of possibility opened up, I began to be more creative and alive. I started to dream again. Letting go of the fear of the unknown about what will happen next opened up the space for me to see so much more of what could happen if I was willing to let it in.

I’m not blind to the world changing around me.  Its true things are breaking down, shifting, but what do we expect? Can things change and not fall completely apart? And if they fall completely apart isn’t that usually when something great comes along?

Have you ever said “yea – no”. It’s funny how often I utter those two words together.  I get teased about it often. Well, it seems that’s the time we’re in. Just ask the Kalahari Bushmen “ja-ni”, or yes-no. Betwixt and between – the end of one and the beginning of another. The “Apocalypsis” NOT necessarily the Apocalypse, as Michael Meade describes it.

To me, a wonderful time to be alive.

I was asked the other day in an interview what I thought about all the people so focused on their beliefs about religion and the changes coming.  Did I see any hope in our future?

I thought- wait, am I the only one around here who sees it? The hope that is.

I see hope everywhere I look. I see hope in the changes we are making in our own lives – I mean it’s cool to be green- even Walmart is advertising about being green! I see hope in the way people are working together to fund their projects instead of looking at banks to loan them money – check out all the great projects on kickstarter, indiegogo or crowdfunding-live. I see hope in the conversations had by young people who are thinking more about the communities they live in and how to make them better and learning to connect with people all over the world – sharing pictures with strangers via instagram (that’s the cool place if you’re a teen BTW). It’s actually not hard to see the hope. If you’re willing to look, if you want to see.

Here’s a little excerpt from Michael’s new book that struck me as profoundly optimistic.

“At the mythic level ends and beginnings are essentially connected and one keeps leading to the other as the eternal drama of life continues to unfold. When the end seems near and everything spins faster and faster, something old and lasting, something deep and meaningful is trying to catch up to us. Something subtle and enduring about the world is trying to be remembered and be rediscovered; and, it seems to take some big trouble to awaken it. The overwhelming problems and massive threats are real enough, but they also function as a cosmic wake-up call intended to awaken us from the sleep of so called “reality.”

 I guess we humans just need more than a subtle trembler to wake us up these days.  We need a biggy to remember the beauty of who we are and what we can create when we open our minds to what’s possible, when we reach deep into our souls and find our creativity, our muses, our delight in life.

Ok, I’ll admit it. I have a nice earthquake preparedness kit and I keep a good amount of food stored, but that’s just being prudent. Its there if I need it, but I’m not living for it. I’m living for the possibilities that surround me. I look for, in every vision of the world I see, the beauty and the hope and I have faith in human kind, that others see it too and that deep down we all want the same thing, and we’ll get there and then that will change too, meanwhile I’ll be here holding onto hope and faith and loving every minute of it.

To find out more about Michael Meade’s book WHY THE WORLD DOESN’T END click here!




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